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Rays from the Rose Cross

The Rosicrucian Fellowship Magazine

Bible, Philosophy and Astrology

Established by Max Heindel

June, 1913



Rays from the Rose Cross

Selected Articles 2003-04

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The Essenes Who Changed Churchianity



Rays from the Rose Cross magazine, October 1959.

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What Did Christ Jesus Look Like?

by Charles Weber

Jesus Emerald
"From the only authentic likeness of our Saviour, cut on an emerald by command of Tiberius Caesar, and given to Pope Innocent VIII, from the treasurey, at Constantinople, by the Emperor of the Turks, for the ransonm of his brother, then a captive of the Christians" JOHN SARTAIN: ARTIST

 Rays from the Rose Cross magazine Jan/Feb 1998 issue

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 Micro and Macro Anatomies of Man

by Charles Weber

  issued in "Rays from the Rose Cross" Magazine, January/February 2004.

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Towards Freedom


Picture from The Worlds of Gilbert Williams

by Elisabeth Ray

This article was given as a Chapel talk in September 2002 .

Rays from the Rose Cross magazine, September-October 2003.

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Christ is the Divine Messenger


- by Marie-Jose Clerc

Published in RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS (May-Jun 2003) .This text is mainly based on the Bible and on The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception or Mystic Christianity. 

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Rosicrucian Brotherhood

From the Rosicrucian apologist's book Svmmvm Bonvm, The Highest Good, which first appeared in 1629 in German.

 by Robert Fludd

Portrait de Robert Fludd
(1574  - 1637,)

- Rays from the Rose Cross , January-February, March-April & May-June 1997



Early Rosicrucian and Occult Symbolism

by Charles Weber

- Rays from the Rose Cross, May-June 2000



The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz


Johan Valentin Andreae (1586-1654)

 - Rays from the Rose Cross, May/June ,1997.










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Written on the wall of a church in Germany,

 attributed to St. Germain

Ye call me Master and obey me not.
Ye call me Light and see me not.
Ye call me the Way and walk it not.
Ye call me Right and desire it not.
Ye call me Wise and follow me not.
Ye call me Fair and love me not.
Ye call me Eternal and seek me not.
Ye call me Gracious and trust me not.
Ye call me Just and fear me not.
We give you Love, 'tis all we've got.
For Love unties the Gordian Knot.

--Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, March/April, 1996

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