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A Letter From Past  Esoteric  Secretaries 1979 - 2003


Sunday, February 29, 2004


Dear Friends,


The Board of Trustees has proposed a new set of bylaws for the Rosicrucian Fellowship.  This  proposal makes sweeping changes in the structure of the organization, changes which should have required  a mandate given by a petition of no less than 33-1/3 % of the membership, to even consider.  

They did not have this mandate and yet, in relative secret, produced a document that, at best, is ill  considered.  The changes, if implemented, would seriously impair the effectiveness and viability of the  Rosicrucian Fellowship.   

In a recent mailing insert to the members, the "Bylaws Committee" claimed that the Board of Trustees recommends these changes at a count of eight members out of nine, but in fact, three of these  members voted not to accept these changes in totality, and therefore rejected this document that is seriously  flawed. The members of the Rosicrucian Fellowship are not being fairly informed and not all members of the Board of Trustee were notified of the creation and mailing of this insert, thus they were denied the  opportunity to approve its contents before mailing.

Members have not been given sufficient opportunity to review this document to compare it with the current bylaws.  An itemized listing of the changes was not given nor the reasoning that lies behind them,  which is altogether secular.  A common and fair practice, routinely used in the State of California, is to  present the proposed new text of legal documents in italics with the rejected or modified text of the old  version shown with strikeout lines.  This majority of the Board has denied you your right to open and full

These proposed bylaws do not reflect the Rosicrucian Fellowship's Aquarian philosophy of delegating power, duties, and responsibilities to the many, to empower all aspirants to become self-reliant  and responsible individuals, while providing checks and balances to insure fairness.  Rather, they  dangerously concentrate power and control in the office and person of the President, while extending his  days in office, giving an autocratic authority that is both unprecedented and unwarranted.

For instance, the President would appoint all Executive Council members, all Ecclesiastical Council  members, and all Department Heads, as well as have the power to create and abolish any department at  will, and to do this for a period of up to six years while Board members, who are liable and responsible  before the law, would only stay three years and now would wait another three years before possible re-
election!   In other words, this document gives the President complete control of the Rosicrucian Fellowship  Headquarters. Furthermore, with the possibility of him being an elected member of the Board of Trustees  that appoints him, the President's position is strengthened even more.

A change as significant as it is radical, outlined in the proposal, divides the Esoteric Secretary's  position into multiple and independent co-secretaries, based on an undefined number of language  departments.  The Esoteric Secretary is no longer appointed by the Board of Trustees as signifier of a  spiritual director, with responsibilities as such, but is now assigned by the President. 

Since the President exercises an exoteric, secular role, it is not appropriate to have the Esoteric  Secretary report exclusively to the President, yet now as this document proscribes, this position is nothing  more than a set of language-designated clerks.  With no single Esoteric Secretary with a voice of authority in  esoteric matters, there is none to make a definitive call, and so it defaults to the President, thus increasing
again his power.   

There should be only one Esoteric Secretary, who should answer to the Board of Trustees, as the current Bylaws mandate.  As the single Christ Spirit supercedes all Race Spirits and unifies all language  groups, so a single Esoteric Secretary unifies and orders all esoteric personnel and functions, including the  steps leading to the probationer vow and the Member's continued esoteric training.  A single Esoteric Secretary acts as a bridge between the Teacher and the Member, insures the confidentiality between them,  and protects the privacy of the records.

Although we, the undersigned, entirely respect the right of every member to vote as conscience  directs, we feel obligated to bring our concerns to your attention, so that you may be more informed as you  mark and return your ballots. 
May the Christ Light direct you and hold you in His all-encompassing love.


Elizabeth Ray, Secretaria Esotérica  (2001 - 2003)                 

Shirley Sharpe, Secretaria Esotérica (1998 - 1999)                  

Gloria Hayes, Secretaria Esotérica (1985 - 2001)                   

Jean de Galzain, Secretario Esotérico (1981 - 1985)                

Michael Miles Secretario Esotérico (1979 - 1981)                    

Margaret Lindeman, Secretaria Esotérica (- 1979) 









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